Jay Greishaw Falcon Lake Testimonials


“10 pounds or bust” it surely was. My brother landed his PB at 10 lbs 7 oz. Mine came it at 8 lbs 14 oz and Lisa weighed in at 8 lbs 4 oz, each of us hitting a new record. I can’t recommend Jay highly enough. Not only was he an awesome guy to spend the day with, but his knowledge of the lake and commitment to keeping us on the fish was the best I’ve seen.


After adding up the days weights my brother also has his first individual forty pound bag at 44 lbs…


Two casts later I landed the 10.12, which was just shy of my PB. Needless to say this amount of action in that short amount of time got the adrenaline pumping faster than a fist full of ones in an establishment of questionable character…

Jay Greishaw Falcon Lake Testimonials


Brandon scores the first fish of the morning and is now hooked on this bass fishing thing!


A dream trip to say the least. At least for us Ohio boys. Yes, Jay fished with us at our request. He wanted to tie my break off back on for me and I refused. Thats the type of guide he is. He is no longer a guide to us,he’s a friend.


Definitely our best day of bass fishing ever!


Jay did a great job of explaining each of the spots and what/where we wanted to throw on that spot.

Jay Greishaw Falcon Lake Testimonials


We had been fishing shallow but we went out with Jay in his boat on Tuesday and he showed us some deeper humps and points that had a lot of good fish on them as well.


Great two days on Lake Falcon with Jay. Now I have been bass fishing since I was six and I had one of my best times fishing with Mike and Jay. When you think your a good fisherman go on a trip with Jay and you will learn so much and have a fantastic time. One thing that I have learned over the years from full time guides is that you really need to follow their lead and use the lures , rods and reel and line that is suggested. Im a Lake Fork die hard and this trip made me a better fisherperson and learned to be be persistant and stick to what works and dont experiment with stuff that is not producing on a particular lake. I have always used crank baits even in the timber and I will always have a special crank bait tied on keep chunking and winding when I know there are fish on that patern. I cant say enough about what a great time we had and meeting a special person in many ways . Mike and I will never forget the trip and will aways remember our new freind
that has Christ and Family as a priority. See ya latter and call me if you ever get up this way.


Last week, my friends and I flew down from Michigan to fulfill the dream of fishing for trophy bass on the famed Falcon Lake. Lots of time and energy went into planning this trip, and, in the process, we decided to book 4 days with local guide, Jay Greishaw. Of all the decisions we made, that turned out to be our best. From the beginning, Jay was personable, professional, and (most importantly) knowledgeable. He worked hard to put us in the right places with the right techniques, and it paid off in a big way. All three of us caught personal bests. We caught 119 bass and boated lots of big fish, including our best five of 10.10lbs, 9.0lbs, 8.8lbs, 8.4lbs, and 8.4lbs. All 4 days, our best five totaled more than 30lbs with 39.61 being our biggest single day limit. Jay made this the bass fishing trip of a lifetime for us (which is saying a lot for guys who have Lake St. Clair in their backyard). Whoever thought I’d see the day when we were actually saying, “Oh, it’s just another five-pounder…”? Not kidding, guys — I was totally spoiled by the end… If you’re heading to Falcon Lake, and you want a guide, give Jay a try — he’s a great guy, and you won’t be disappointed.