Water levels and the current state of Falcon Lake fishing…..June adds two more days.

We have really been blessed the last the 18 or so months. Really since October of 2013 and the flood of Laredo. That really signified the beginning of our trend upwards. That and some nice localized rain in June of that same year.


IMG_2940.PNG IMG_3386.PNG



It wasn’t too long ago we were looking at a graph that looked like the one below in April of 2013




257 and no end in site at the time…..scary times? You bet and boy it did the fishing no favors……we are still feeling the adverse effect. As we head towards hurricane season 2015 we are in the best shape for this time of year since 2011. We are all extremely excited. Here is a look at where we are currently.




We have gained 7 ft +/- an inch or two in 2015. With some really nice localized rain ahead in the forecast, the good times keep rolling.



If you are thinking about coming down please don’t let that scare you. Look at the winds…….VERY good and really that’s all you ever look at down here. If the winds are manageable more often than not I will be able to put you on fish. Speaking of being put on fish. Falcon Lake right now is fishing as tough or tougher than it has in some time. With that said I have some great milk runs set up on the North and South ends of the lake at the moment and really can accommodate any wind direction and still produce fish. If you are reading this report and have plans on coming down and “winging” it, stop. This lake will eat you up and spit you out and leave you scratching your head. If you don’t care about catching fish by all means trailer that boat on down and enjoy. If you wanna have any shot of having a successful trip get into contact with a guide and make damn sure they have been on the water in the last month because that isn’t a given, trust me.


Just keeping it real as the kids say.


As far as what’s working:

1.) Texas rig soft plastics. 5 and 6 inch green pumpkin senkos with a 1/4 sinker or greater depending on wind. Mag green pumkin lizards.

2.) Lipless crank baits.



I have probably caught 60 + fish on that exact Xcalibur One knocker the last 3 weeks or so. Problem? size……most of these fish are under 2 lbs unfortunately, but if you are looking for a bite tie one on.

3.) Carolina rigs……short leaders and small baits like flukes.

4.) Deep diving cranks all the way to a 10xd. The typical colors are working…..citrus shad, sexy shad, and char./blue back.


That was the what…….how about the WHERE?

1.)……and the where is the singular most important aspect of catching fish right now. To me Falcon is fishing about the same North, South, or Mid-lake. Your best bet as it has been for months now is to get into a creek and start pitching plastics at the new and old growth from 8 foot to 8 inches. Both are producing fish…..problem? There is soooooooooooooooooooooo much wonderful looking water here on Falcon that is dead as a door nail and that’s a fact Jack.

2.) There are some rock humps, points and ledges that are starting to produce……problem? Finding them and right now I have 4 that are producing like clockwork. That’s not a typo. FOUR(4)….not 40, but FOUR(4). See what I mean about hiring a guide?


Time of day?….meh. You have to grind from start to finish and DO NOT give up till the boat is on the trailer and pulling out of the water.


My June has picked up two more days! and I am certainly happy to see it.



A couple of Highstakesbassin.com Wall of Fame inductees have booked up the 18th and 19th. They are bringing their Dad along for the festivities as well. Very much looking forward to it. Roy is the record holder here at Highstakesbassin with this 12 pound 7 ounce MEGA WALRUS!



Troy also has a 10 pound 13 ounce MEGA WALRUS as well.



If getting after some Summer time walruses sounds like a good time, drop me a line and let’s getcha on the books!




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