Size does matter, a BIG storm is a brewing, MVM #19

Once again today’s theme was small. We topped out in the 4.5 lb range with most of our fish between 0.5 and 2.5 lbs. We caught fish on various cranks and depths. Also the mag fluke caught a few…..I know shocker. Once again I had to launch down South, but I did fight my way to Tigers. My best stuff just isn’t fishable in that kind of wind….not making excuses, just facts. I really believe I have the fish to put a 40 lb bag together. Problem? I have to run the entire lake to put a bag like that together. This wind is just unrelenting and is handcuffing the heck out of me every single day. The wind is the least of my worries tomorrow though. We have a terrible front barreling down on us and it is bringing some grade A storms with it. Our high temps today? 99….the next two days? mid 70’s. Yeah I’m busting out the excuses tonight aren’t I?……Facts. lol. Darrell and Darrell have two more days with me. Hopefully we can get on the water for a few hours.


Got a lot of summer time availability…….drop me a line and we will go after this Falcon Lake 40lb bag.


Put me in coach I’m ready to play…….


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