Cancelation day turns to scouting run……

…….scouting run is a bit of stretch. There wasn’t much running anywhere because of some pretty stiff SE wind gusts. Also gonna come clean……I went to a place where I knew had fish and I whacked on em for about 2 hours before I pulled off em and tried to expand the area without much luck. I don’t normally do what I did today, but I had not fished this area since Sam and Dustin. It’s also not the type of fishing that you can just take anybody to. You have to be very skilled with a baitcaster and pitching accurately is a must or you’re just wasting your time. I don’t have another scheduled client till Saturday and he’s bringing his two boys with him. I really believe that Saturday will not be a day that I can fish this area either. If I was a betting man…..and I am, I would bet that we will be in open water Saturday with C-rigs and spinning gear.




Got some very cool news coming shortly. Hightakesbassin has a new partner and very much looking forward to having them on board. Expect several very nice give aways in the not so distant future. If you DO NOT have a Facebook account, get one and send me a like. If you haven’t sent me a like on Facebook and you already have a Facebook account…..what are you waiting for!?!? Get to it and tell your friends. This will not be some worthless old buzzbait that I give away. Trust me…………at we do it big.







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