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Thursday Night Working Man’s Tournament 



Congrats to team Pena!!! How cool is that pic? Father/daughter winning a tournament….with a 10.08! Congrats again to Mark and daughter Cassandra. I want to thank all that came out to participate. It wasn’t about the money or bragging rights or anything like that. Just folks coming together for an evening of comradery that ended with a Dad spending an unforgettable evening with his daughter. Life’s good. How did team Mr. Steve do?…..12 ish pounds with a 7 lb kicker and a lot of laughs. I love Mr. Steve and the time I got to spend with him tonight was priceless……just what the Dr. ordered. I want to thank James and my man John for putting this event on. Check back daily at for the next get together. If you are in town for one of these events don’t be a stranger. Join in…..there are no ego’s here. Just friends enjoying each others company and a cold one or two. More the merrier.


I am on the water manana with a husband/wife combo and the wind looks to be a player. I will be launching down South and looking forward to that. See ya tomorrow.






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