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The world tour part 2 ends on the South end of Falcon Lake in Mr. Jim Mayo’s beautiful 21fx Skeeter.

Our plane hit Laredo Sunday and I was back on the water Monday after a terrific family vacation to Disney. More on that in a bit. Let’s talk Falcon Lake for a moment and more specifically the South end of the lake. I took Jim and Glenda out right before I left for Disney. The mission was to mark up the North end of the lake a bit and to teach Jim a little bit about his electronics and to get them dialed in and working properly. Monday was about launching down South and increasing his knowledge level of Falcon Lake. We fished from the dam to Tigers and fished most of my prized spots at this depth level. (268 ish) and speaking of this depth level….the State Park boat ramp only has about 2 feet left on it before using it is no bueno. Once you dip below 266 you run the risk of sucking up silt and mud into your lower unit and wreaking havoc on your impeller. Take it from somebody who knows this first hand. Can you float a boat at 266? yes, but the water is too diluted with sediment at that point and you are asking for trouble. Where can you find depth levels easily? Click on the link below from my website……save it as a favorite and you are good to go.

Falcon Lake Levels & Weather


Back to my prized South locations at this depth level……we launched at 1:30 pm and fished until 7 pm and it was a struggle until 5:30. From 5:30 to 7 the light switch flipped on and we got into plenty of action, but from 1:30 to 5:30 it was a straight up grind. If I had to do it over again? I would of loaded up Jim’s boat with nothing but cranks and gone after a reaction bite. We fished from 1 ft of water out to 25 ft of water and everywhere in between. We boated 17 fish and the best bite broke me off while I was trying to pull her out of the bush she buried me in. She came rocketing out of the water attempting to throw my mag fluke. She was easily in the 8 lb class…….a great Falcon Lake fish. Jim wins the darkest bass caught in 2016 award.


Baits that caught fish were the 5 inch Senko, Rage Lobster, Mag Fluke, full size brush hog in the typical colors. The only non typical color would be that I threw a Mag Fluke in Plum for a large portion of the day. That is also what the big girl came off of. I’m getting a lot of calls, texts, and emails concerning water and water levels. Here’s the deal…..we will be fine for the next 12 to 18 months at this clip and that’s without help from Mo Nature and without help from Amistad which is in great shape. Sugar Lake is in similar shape and still has 12 foot of water where the back lake meets the main lake. If it drops more than 12 more feet then you are only able to fish the main lake. With all this water talk Mother Nature has been hard at work the last 4 days and while Louisiana and the Eastern part of Texas are under water we are getting a shower or two. If that tropical activety would of just slid a little farther west and South we would of hit the jackpot. There of course is still plenty of time for us to hit that jackpot. We have been so, so, so, soooooooooooooooo close the last several years, but we will certainly take every drop that we are blessed with. Speaking of drops? Jaime is driving through quite a few today in Laredo and she says it’s flooding…’s some pictorial evidence.



Back on the water tomorrow with a father son duo that has been looking forward to these dates for the better part of year. I have an extremely busy end to August and I am very much looking forward to it. Ok, this ends the fishing/water levels portion of my report…..continue reading at your own risk…lol.



As mentioned above Jaime, the girls and I had a terrific week at the Mouse House in Disney. Our last trip to Disney was 4 years ago and while the girlies certainly enjoyed their previous 3 trips to the Wonderful World of Walt Disney this one was the best. Both Sierra and Madison were able to ride all the rides and will be old enough to remember the trip really well. Here are a few pics we took and over the coming weeks I’ll share some of the professional photos that were taken as well.


The girlies were vibrating with excitement at this stage of the game.



First pic at Magic Kingdom with my lovelies.




We bought the park hopper passes and jumped all over the place everyday. We Reeeeeaaaallllly enjoyed the Animal Kingdom at night.





Madison is a ride junky and I tried to hang with her the best I could. Jaime and Sierra were good for a ride or two, but both would start getting sickly if they tried to do more than that in a short period of time. Of course my neck was a major concern, but I manned up for my Mad Dog and only had one day where the neck just wouldn’t let me answer the bell.



14 years of awesome with that lovely lil thing up there and we also celebrated Madison’s 9th birthday while we were in Disney as well.



Here we are killing Aliens with Buz Lightyear…….



……and Madison doing it in style while throwing out the deuces.



I thought about upping my Halloween game……




Juuuuuuuuust a bit out of my price range.


img_0903.jpg img_0901.jpg



And my favorite pic of the trip?



We had just gotten back from the restroom and were waiting on Momma and Sissy to bring the grub over. I looked at Madison and said, “smile pretty” and snapped that pic. I have that pic saved everywhere and will remember it forever.




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