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The Nagy men laugh at 25+ mph wind gusts and smack ole Falcon around.

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Today was a great day on Falcon Lake. The opportunities were there for a straight up EPIC day as well. We jumped off two sixes, a seven and Roy had one that we all wish we could of seen. Was it a catfish?, Alligator gar?, foul hooked talipia? we will never know. My money is on a mega walrus. We caught fish from 4 foot to 12 foot today. Hot baits were the 6xd (chartreuse blue back), plum powerbait, jig, apple plum mag II, and a 5 inch senko. We caught em in bushes and trees, pea gravel, and rocks. The best bite without question was in the morning. We boated 26 in the first three hours. The last 5 hours we caught fish at every stop, but we never got back into the mother load. Tomorrow looks very promising from a wind perspective. I feel like a kid the night before Christmas. I live for wind forecasts without gusts.


monkey thumbs up

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