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My world tour ends at Sugar Lake Mexico with Gary the Great. Two DD’s?

Just got back from about as epic of a Sugar trip as you could have. Here are the numbers.


Day 1:

Fish caught: 108 (80 ish of those fish were between 3 and 5 lbs)

Best 5: 33 and change

Kicker: 7.25 lbs



Day 2:

Fish caught: 75 (again the quality was awesome…..most fish between 3 to 5 lbs)

Best 5: 37 and change

Kicker: 10.41




We only took one pic of a 6 and here it is….



Gary’s big fish came in at 7.90




The biggest fish we weighed did not make it unfortunately.




A true MEGA walrus, that unfortunately tried to eat a MEGA tilapia walrus. Oddly enough the tilapia was still alive, but the bass was not able to be saved. We caught fish from 4 to 14 foot of water…..trigged worms/lizards, squarebills and Norman deep lil N’s. What a great trip and hope Gary and I have many more to come.



Here is a look at the rest of my world tour……Pennsylvania? Check.




A lake Erie walrus!!!!!



Cleveland? Check.





The time of my life with my two best friends? check. Already counting the days down until Thanksgiving.


The next stop on the World tour? You guessed it….Vegas.


One of the very best hands of BJ I’ve ever had. I was winning and pressed my bet to 1k…….then an EPIC shit show broke out. A PAIR OF EIGHT’S!!!!

oh shit


Ok, stay calm….just 2K. I got this…..then a 3 to make it 11!!!!!


Now I have 3k out there….still no problem. That is what I was up. Next card was a freaking 4 to make 15. Great. Next card? ANOTHER FREAKING 8!!!!!

chris rock oh shit


Now we have 4k on the table and yes this is my first night in Vegas…..soooooo typical. I’ve read this book before and the ending ain’t good. Next card?…..a deuce to make 10.


We are now at 5k on the table after the double down. Out comes a welcomed 10 of hearts for 20. Next card? A three……yes boys and girls that makes 11 and another double down and for those scoring at home that is now 6k on the table and an empty money clip. Next card is a Jack of diamonds…..21. Dealer had a 2 showing and flips over a King…..for 12, the 3 for 15 and then the 9 for the bust.



Needless to say I had a monster Vegas trip and ate pretty damn good too.



I’m glad to be back on the border….the fishing right now is just not describable. If you have the time and the resources you need to experience this silliness for yourself.




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