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Ground control to Major Daniel…..we are clear for a Falcon Lake MEGA Walrus!

Dan’s first Falcon Lake fish was a memorable one. He just had a really good fish pull off and two casts later the fish of 5 lifetimes was on. The best news? She found her way to the net and the scales. To say I have been snake bit on Falcon that last several years is the understatement of the century. Dan did a masterful job with this mega walrus and I didn’t choke on the net job. We put that fish in the livewell to compose ourselves and I was questioning what I had just netted. Visions of 13 lbers were dancing in my mind……when it was time to weigh her I worried that maybe she wasn’t as big as I had thought. Well as you can see by the pic below, those thoughts quickly dissipated like a fart in a tornado. (more on tornadoes later)



Folks…..when that head came out of the livewell I nearly passed out. I’m serious. I was seeing yellow stars.

shaggy seeing stars


I thought hell with 13 lbs…..we going to 14.


No 14, but still the second biggest Falcon lake fish that has ever been in my boat. I am still waiting to wake up and man I’m gonna be pissed if I do……lol. Here is another look at Dan’s MEGA walrus.



I am so happy for Dan…..bass fishing is life for him and to have him catch that fish was truly special and couldn’t of happened to a nicer fella. Here is another walrus of his…….not quite a 12, but 7.18 and walrus certified.



Dan’s friend, Patrick, caught the heck out of the fish today, but was unable to land any picture takers. These guys are both pilots as I mentioned last night. Check out the pic below.



Yeah…….Dan had to do some nifty maneuvers to avoid that shitshow a few weeks back. Thanks for the job men and I certainly will remember this day for as long as I am above ground.




I can not think of a better way for my 521vx to step away from the starting rotation. She went out with a 12.27 pounder. That boat has been my saving grace that last 28 months, but it’s time for the z522 to step up. She has new everything from carpet, to livewell controls, to power head. I will be on the water breaking her in tomorrow and after that she will be in the game and hopefully for the foreseeable future.

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