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Father/Son duo times 3 take on a challenging Sugar Lake, Mexico.

I want to thank Carlos and Jim for helping me out with this trip on such short notice. Sugar Lake didn’t hand out many free passes today and the fish that the three boats caught were certainly earned. With all that said between the three boats we had well over a hundred fish caught. Walruses?…… not one, not two, not three, but 4 walruses in which 3 of those were new personal bests. DD’s?…..two of them nearly missed 10 lbs. The real story? Three young men getting to hang with their Dads. Nothing and I do mean NOTHING beats the memories and laughs that were made and shared today. Days like today are what make my job so special. Did these youngsters have a great time? Sure… they know just how special these events are? Nah…..there is just no way at the age of 15 or so that they can truly grasp just how special it is. Trust me I didn’t realize it when I was their age, but I certainly realize it now. To the walrus pics!


img_0808.jpg img_0807.jpg



These men have a half day on Falcon Lake tomorrow and I’m predicting an EPIC day to be had. I have the Falcon Lake Ram pinch hitting for me and he is on some kinda roll here on Falcon.




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