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Dan the Man and Sir James invade Sugar lake….epic whack fest from word go.

Both Danny and James like whacking on fish…..did we try some big fish areas? Absolutely, but the biggest we landed went 7 lbs 14 oz on Sir James’ scale. We didn’t weigh anything else. I forgot my clicker both days, but I promise you we had nearly 200 fish in two days and left them biting. That is also with two lines in the water as I was running cameras and working on boat position. I also wanted to be damn sure I didn’t catch the big fish. So you ask what was the secret bait? Um… A wet lure. Seriously, there were times that I just don’t think it mattered. A texas rigged jalapeno would of caught you more 2-4 lb fish than an episode of Bill Dance Outdoors. Danny has some great footage for the site update and his drone was so freaking cool.



Unfortunately the drone didn’t pick up any footage of Danny on Dr. J’s operating table. James was on his A game however and maned the GoPro for the extraction.

Let’s check out some fish pics. Here is a look at Sr. James and his 7-14.


The pics below give you an idea of what we were catching a lot of. Nothing huge, but certainly fun.

img_0136.jpg img_0141.jpg

img_0143.jpg img_0144.jpg





Don’t laugh…..James won a buck on that fish.

make it rain


Check out this walrus that was caught at the boat ramp as we were pulling up……


Unfortunately that fish was made into walrus soup.


Great memories were made this trip and in the end it’s memories that remain. Over the next three weeks I will be making many more memories. I want to wish everyone a great and safe 4th of July. I will see ya when I see ya.







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