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BVT, Sugar Clay, 45.22, Pokemon Go and the one that got away.

I spent the last three days on Sugar Lake with Barbara and Clay. I know you want me to describe their trip. I’m sorry, but there is no way I can do it justice. Clay wanted a great trip for Barbara and they both wanted to get away together for some much needed R and R. Sugar Lake certainly did not disappoint. Barbara had a 5 lb personal best that she was gunning for and three casts into the first day she had a new PB of 6.22 lbs.



We struggled in a big way however, and only caught a fish here and there until 1 o’clock on that first day. I don’t know whether it was a timing thing or a location thing or a lure thing or a little of all three, but after we made a big move in the afternoon magic happened. We switched over to deep diving cranks and literally caught fish on every cast for over 2+ hours and we left them biting…..silly. I know what you’re thinking…..ah, you caught a bunch of dinks to pad your numbers.



Barbara ended the day with a personal best that we all thought would last a lifetime. I will also come clean…..I biggie eyed that fish. When I hung her on the scales I thought without question I would see 13 flash up on that screen.


Thirteen did flash up on the screen, just in the wrong spot!… Still an incredible fish to end an incredible first day in paradise with BVT and Clay. Before diner that night I felt something on my hand and couldn’t figure out what it was……


and this guy showed up too….



Nasty lil thing…….lol. You all know I am a video game nerd from waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back. I have been reading about this Pokemon Go craze that is sweeping the world. Now listen….if I’m not tossing a football or blasting aliens or bad guys online I don’t play it. But I have to admit, that Pokemon Go thing is pretty cool. Barbara caught plenty of new geographic specific Pokemon while at Sugar Lake you can believe that…….and this leads us to the quote of 2016 or heck any year for that matter. After landing the 11.13 BVT says…..”wow! that was better than catching a rare Pokemon”. I told her thank God you didn’t say “almost” because my feelings might of got hurt.



Before I went to bed I decided to go to one of those Bass weight calculator websites to see if my scale cheated BVT. We took measurements for the replica that she is going to have done. I typed those into the calculator…..


11.15 lbs…….ugh.


Day 2 was a grind from start to finish. Why? I have no idea…..we fished every square inch of Sugar and threw everything, but the kitchen sink at em. We probably caught 30 fish all day and the highlight? A near miss PB for Clay.




Day 3 was as good a day as I’ve ever had in my guiding career. We fished a half day and caught a 40 lb bag. BVT also had another fish on that would of shattered her PB from two days ago. She was 15 feet from the boat when she came rocketing out of the water and spit her crank. Have I been biggie eyeing fish lately? YES… go ahead and feel free to doubt how big I think that fish was. Here is the breakdown…..I would of bet both Rangers she was over 12 lbs, I would of bet 10k she was over 13 lbs and I would of bet a 100 dollar bill she was over 14 lbs.





Our best 5 for the three day trip went……..



……and speaking of both Rangers.


I am on cloud nine……It’s been 7 months since both Rangers were in that carport fully operational. I have about 5 hours of break in time to put on that SHO before she will be put back into the starting rotation. I can’t thank Clay enough for setting me up with John from Dean’s Marine and for driving it back down for me. Thanks again for the opportunity to show you and Barbara a great time on Sugar Lake.

Thanks amigo




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