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Andy from Poland…..

……had as bad a day on Falcon as you can have and make it back to the dock alive. One the toughest parts of being a guide is matching a pattern to a clients skill level or vise versa. I’ll be the first to admit I did an absolute terrible job of that today. I launched here in town and that was a mistake too. I would of loved to of been down at the dam where I could of had him troll the rip rap or at least try it. Bass fishing is a different dog as 99.9% of you are aware of. It was also incredibly tough for me to teach Andy with the massive language barrier that we had. We both tried, but it wasn’t working. Soooooooo the Poland experiment is going to be a one and done for both our sake. With all the gloom and doom said…..I blasted the fish and I know that’s not what a guide should do, but man we needed a morale boost several times throughout the day. Me picking up a rod was imperative both from a fish catching perspective and a modelling perspective. Both of the walruses below had DD frames and heads, but man they were both scary skinny.








I also got the news today that my leak was from a faulty speedometer hose that got damaged. It was pouring water through the rigging tube and the faster I went?…..The harder it sprayed into the back of my hull. Soooooooo…..fingers crossed. I’m taking my lovely bride out in the morning. She’s been seeing all these Falcon Lake Walrus photos and she’s gotten a lil jelly.




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