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A new personal best, a bum wrist, and 3 big break offs

I had Tommy and his Son Austin today here on Falcon Lake. These two started out on fire…..quickly boating their first Texas fish.

img_0091.jpg img_0092.jpg

Then some bad luck hit….they each broke off a monster apiece. Then the REAL bad luck hit…..Tommy tweaked his wrist on one of the hooksets that followed and it pretty much ended his day around 9 am. BIG TIME BUMMER. I added to the break offs later in the day. I stuck this big ole gal in the middle of the jungle and got her turned and coming out when she broke me off. GUT PUNCH. There is some good news from today though…..these two still got to spend some grade A+ father/son quality time and my man Austin has a certified personal best now that went 5.49 lbs. Next stop…..the 6 lb club.



I am off tomorrow and will be sitting in a dentist chair. I have a fractured molar. Epic Shitshow is inbound.




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