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A fun trip to Sugar Lake with Justin and Marty, Marty the one man party.

Our totals from two days…..

img_0124.jpg img_0129.jpg

Our big fish from two days…


She went 7.96 lbs

Best 5 on day one came in at a very respectable 32 ish lbs. Day 2 came in at around 20 lbs.



img_0116.jpg img_0118.jpg

img_0126.jpg img_0130.jpg

Our best bait this trip was a chartreuse/powder blue back Strike King 5xd crankbait thrown on 20 lb test fluoro. Why the big line? We were fishing tree tops in 12ish foot of water and need the “4 wheel drive” that the 20 lb test line provides. It also keeps the crank much higher in the water column. Our best plastic was the Zoom U-vibe with chartreuse dip N dye. We stuck with 1/2 texas rig bullet weights both days. I had a great time with these two guys….am I a little disappointed that I couldn’t put these guys on a 9 lb or better fish? Sure……heck I’m disappointed when I don’t boat a DD on Sugar. I also want to be clear on something…..just because I’m disappointed doesn’t mean I’m not grateful for Sugar Lake and how it’s fishing. To call a trip like we had the last two days “disappointing” is just a testament of how amazing Sugar truly is. I am back at it for two more days on Sugar. One of Highstakesbassin’s founding fathers will be in the house. I call him “the man behind the curtain”, a great client, and above all a terrific friend.


My man Danny is making his Sugar Lake debut tomorrow. He will be sharing the front deck with this guy for two days………

IMG_1285.JPG IMG_1396.JPG


Danny and I will both be working on this trip….I will be working on putting him on fish and he will be working on material for the new face-lift for Rumor has it a drone will be deployed tomorrow on Sugar Lake. Danny is awesome at what he does and I can’t wait the new updates to the site. Should be exciting. So you say what about James? What’s he going to be doing? Well, James is going to do what James does and that’s have a rocking good time and go walrus hunting South of the border.



I’ll see ya’ll when I see ya……..




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