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Zapata Hawks football, a canceled trip, the jig bite and some terrible wind

By October 12, 2012No Comments

Seems like I have been a broken record here of late. We caught 9 fish today and once again got kicked off the water shortly after noon due to a dead Trolling motor. I miss a 36 volt TM, especially in these winds. I canceled my trip for tomorrow after consulting with my clients. They went out today with a different guide and zeroed from 9:30 until they got off the water at 3:30. I did not blow smoke…..told them we would be dealing with 40 mph wind gusts and our butts would be plastered up against the dam with 60 other boats. They opted to head home. I certainly hate turning down $400 + dollars, but I am not going to steal it either. My clients from today are new to bass fishing. I spent a lot of time teaching them about electronics. We spent time breaking down the lake and understanding what it was they were looking at with side imaging. We looked at road beds, bridges, houses, points, humps, ledges and everything in between. I had a lot of fun with those fellas and sure hope they can apply what we talked about to their home lakes. The silver lining from today has to be the jig bite. I am almost ready to say it’s getting close to being back. 5 of our 9 fish came on a 1 oz. football jigs. Some clients/friends are in town this weekend as well. These are the fellas that finished 3rd in the last Bass Champs that was here. They didn’t get their first bite until 2:30 today….yikes. The bite was a good one though….check the pic below, a 9 pound beauty! Congrats Jeremy. My family and I decided to watch a high school football game tonight and man was it a great time. This community here in Zapata is straight up awesome. Soooooo many great people. My family and I could not have picked a better place to live. Check out the first pic below of Madison holding up the Go Hawks Go poster. She was really into the game….a pleasant surprise.