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You wouldn’t believe me if I told you…..

… many fish between 3 and 5 pounds we caught today. Do I know the actual number? Nope and I am not going to guess. We had 2 walrus bites and they both came unglued. We never saw mine, but can promise if it was a bass we are talking legit big girl. Joe’s walrus we got a good look at and was a true kick to the kneecap when she spit that 5xd. (chart/blue back) We pulled up on a spot today and without looking like a blowhard Pinocchio, we caught over 30 fish in an area the size of my boat. We ain’t talking dinks either. Nice 3 to 5 pound chunks. Chris called me today and we are hitting the water tomorrow and boy am I looking forward to it.


Thanks again Joe!


IMG_5039[1]  IMG_5040[1]

IMG_5041[1]  IMG_5043[1]




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