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You win Falcon….

By January 8, 2014No Comments

My Bullet went down today. More specifically my lower unit. I called Josh at Texas Boat World to see if by some stroke of luck they got the oil strainer in for my SHO. The answer was yes and they were busy putting everything together. They are putting the first hour of break in for me tomorrow morning and I am picking up my z522 tomorrow afternoon. Just in time for 9 straight days of trips. I had just got booked on the 17th and 18th as I was limping back to the dock on my trolling motor. Funny story…..I had probably 7 boats pass me with nobody stopping to ask what was up, which I don’t blame any of them. I was not waving my hands or anything. Somebody did stop, however, to see if I needed help getting in. Denny Brauer……thanks Denny and was good talking to you. Denny is filming a Strike King Journal episode this week here on Falcon. I hope for his sake and mine that this warming trend coming up turns these fish on. It was a struggle today yet again to say the least. The weather man was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY off today. We were supposed to see 70 degree temps. NO. F’ng. WAY. Check out the water temperature in Tigers.



Folks these fish don’t like temps on the wrong side of 60….let alone dang near on the wrong side of 50. Needless to say I didn’t get a lot of action in this area.


Got 12 hours of driving ahead of me tomorrow……..