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You want the truth?……

By November 15, 2013No Comments




Falcon Fans the fishing is tough as nails right now and that’s the truth.  Can you catch some good fish right now?  Sure, but you damn sure have to work for em and be prepared with HEAVY equipment.  I broke off another big fish in the tree tops today……20 lb test.  Stupid? yes.  That was our only big bite of the day, but at least we boated a few fish today….11 to be exact.  We also had several more bites, like in the 20ish range.  Much improved over yesterdays disastrous 5 bite, 0 boated fish day.  Steve and Donna have one more day……I wanna get Donna a big ole picture fish in the WORST of ways.  If your coming down have some realistic goals…..especially if your coming down without recent first hand knowledge of the lake or the assistance of a guide.