…..Falcon tried, but the Nagy men met the Falcon 2013 challenge head on and won convincingly today. We launched at the County boat ramp and fished on the North end of the lake for most of the morning with modest results. Did we flip?, pitch?, trig, crig, DD crank, square crank, fish rocks?, fish trees?…..Yes, yes and more yes. We said the heck with the Northern runts and we headed South. Roy and Bill went on a full DD crankbait assault. The Falcon walruses were caught of guard and pounded. Roy had the kicker today.




but my man Bill was not far behind……



Our best five went…..



Ya just gotta love summer time fishing here on Falcon. Thanks for the opportunity men…….see you both again soon.



Oh for what it’s worth…..or best performer was the sexy shad 6xd today.







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