WOW is it good to be back……..

Had a great time on Amistad over the weekend, let there be no question. The 3rd place finish there was pretty sweet too, BUT. Nothing compares to a day like we had today here on Falcon. I am going to apologize for the lack of accuracy with the numbers. It got crazy. I am brutally honest with these reports to a fault and at times it costs me jobs. I actually had a 3 day trip this week that was cancelled for this Wed. through Friday. Reasoning you ask? Poor fishing reports. I refuse to fudge or make up stuff and if that means a canceled trip, so be it. Thousands of folks read this report and many come down and some hire me, some hire other guides and some go at it alone. Regardless of which you fall under, I feel I owe it to all of you to make sure you understand what to expect. With all that said, this is still Falcon we are talking about and when you hire a Tommy Law, Jim Behnken, Jim Edwards, Gary Harlin, or myself you are drastically increasing your odds of a special trip. Today was as special as it gets. Was I expecting this type of trip? I would be lying if I said I did. Bo, Rex and I just straight up caught some monsters, up to 9.1. Again I am not going to act like I truly know how many fish over 5 lbs that we caught. We hit a creek on the North end of the lake late in the day that was just silly. When you come down to Falcon stop in at Falcon Lake Tackle and they will tell you the crank that we just crushed em on. I tried to buy them out, but Tommy just kept bringing the new boxes out, so I gave up quick. We took a ton of pics, please excuse me if some are of the same fish. It’s not intended. I could not be happier for these fellas……a father/son duo, one that reminds me of some special trips I have had with my ole man. These guys have decided to book Wednesday as well, which is very much appreciated after the late cancelation. I sure hope we do half as well over the next two days. Enjoy the pics.












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