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Falcon is fishing really, really good right now. Didn’t take me long to figure that out this afternoon. On one hump I caught fish on 17 consecutive casts. (minus a backlash in the middle…lol) I fished for about 4 hours and caught 37 fish. The only thing to really complain about was the quality. I didn’t catch any super dinks, but no walruses either. The weapon of choice was a heavy C-rig with a short 18 to 24 inch leader tipped with a Berkley Powerbait Plum 10 inch worm. I also caught fish on a 10xd (citrus shad), Spro Little John (chart/blue back) and a paydirt custum jig head (ball and chain) tipped with a w/r Mag fluke. The nitro zone depth was 12-15 foot with a depth change and rocks…..I know shocker. I tried both shallower and deeper water in efforts to get a fish bigger than 6 pounds, but no dice. Boy did the wind turn it up to the next level around 5…….other than that, what a fantastic day to be alive on Falcon Lake. I have some dates including 4th of July weekend. Come on down and get in on this fun. I am off to the golf course tomorrow….been a while since I have taken Tommy and James’ money.  I need to get tuned up for my big golf vacation in about a month.



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