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Work day on Falcon and My schedule.

The forecast called for 80 degrees and sunny……we got 60’s, rain, and wind. The wind did lay later in the day and we might of hit 70 at the end. Today was all about finding a school of fish bigger than 3 lbs. That goal did not get met. I caught 63 freaking fish and didn’t boat a 3 lb fish. No joke……no punch line. I really think I’m too deep right now. I caught most of my fish from 25 to 35 foot of water. The fish are all 8 inches to 14 inches long. On the graph I’m marking bigger fish at those depths, but after today I just don’t think they’re bass. I did fish some in the 15 foot range, but had¬†very little¬†luck and the amount of fish activity on the graph goes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down. I will be back out tomorrow in search of magic…..I have a trip on the books for Christmas Eve and my guys asked me about the chances of catching a big fish. I gave it to em straight and right between the eyes like I always do. I will never sugar coat or lie or make up some bullshit to get a job. NEVER. Carl told me that him and his son are going to have a great time, big fish or no big fish. My response was that Santa might have something up his sleeve for em……..then again the Grinch might as well. See ya’ll tomorrow after round 2 of scouting here on Falcon Lake.





My phone and email has been lit up. Please check my schedule and if you do not see the dates you reserved as “booked” on my website, shoot me an email. I have a Falcon booking in August already and a Sugar booking in May…….please if you know that you are coming and have dates in mind contact me ASAP. I have several trips between Feb. and May that people are finalizing and getting airline tickets, days off from work, etc, etc. Please don’t wait till the last minute….I want to get everyone in.


Cya tomorrow




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