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Wonder Women have been front and center at


No no no no……not that Wonder Woman. I am talking about the trio of Lynn, Melinda, and Jana. These ladies just absolutely pounded the walruses at Falcon and Sugar Lake. Check out the pics.


img_2033.jpg img_2034.jpg

img_2043.jpg img_2045.jpg

img_2047.jpg img_2070.jpg

img_2082.jpg img_2081.jpg

img_2071.jpg img_2074.jpg



Here are the pics from us men folk….

img_2080.jpg img_2069.jpg

img_2046.jpg img_2036.jpg

img_2042.jpg img_2029.jpg


I told ya…..the women have been HOT!!!!! Such a fun time with these couples and really thankful for the opportunity to show them a great time down here on the border. Gonna get really busy real soon once again. April looks like a blur…..time is flying too fast once again, but then again time flies when you’re having fun. See ya on the water!





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