10 mph today…..x2. These dang meteorologist have not been helping with my preparation. Goodness that makes for a fun ride back to the county. We stayed a little more dry today though. We went deep today, all day. T-rigs, c/rigs, ball n chains, and deep diving crankbaits. The big girls did not bite, at least for us. We boated a couple 6’s and 5’s, but the rest was in the 1-3 lb category. Still was a fun day. They have 2 more days of fishing left on their own. Gene did catch the longest 6 lb bass I have ever seen. That bass had also just recently been attacked by an alligator gar. Check out the pics!

Total bass: 23
Best 5: about 25 lbs
Kicker: about 6 lbs (Genes two)

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