Wild day today…..

Took out Maury and Jorge for a Falcon Lake Guide experience and let me tell you….it was certainly an experience. We could not have caught a better day weather wise. Maury told me at Falcon Lake tackle this morning that he had never fished before. He then asked me if it was hard….lol. About two hours into the day I hear a grunt and turn around and ole Maury had himself a good one on. It broke 40lb braid…..we were bummed and I was ready to call it an Alligator gar, but about that time she jumped out of the water not once, not twice, but three different times trying to spit that dang crankbait. She was a straight up ….




…..yeah that’s a beluga whale. We all caught fish and not just bass. lol Check out the monster Jorge caught.




I caught a species that I have never caught here on Falcon……a first for everything.




My first Falcon white bass…..cool stuff.




Might be hitting the golf course tomorrow with James, Tommy, and Gary……talk about a rough crowd. The might is in there because I really don’t know if it is in my best interest. I used to be a damn good stick, but haven’t played in 3 years due to my spine/neck issues and subsequent surgery that followed. I don’t have my clubs either, but if I go tomorrow I will have one goal and it won’t be to break par either. Goal #1 and really the only goal……don’t hurt myself. I will have an update from the Zapata Open tomorrow.









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