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Falcon Report

wife’s hot wings + 3 five hour energy + 1 Diet Dew =

By February 13, 2014No Comments

9.5 pit-stops on the way to Texas Boat World today. You ask where I got the point 5?





That was the snapshot of my face as I went through the boarder patrol checkpoint……..nuff said.


The journey started at 4 am this morning and I sit here at a quarter to 12 trying to write something that is somewhat coherent. Why do I drive so far? Simple…..Cliff and his men and women understand that this is my livelihood. I would drive to Alaska if I had to in order get this type of service. Luckily I don’t have to.




Let’s talk SHO for moment. This motor straight up came unglued when she blew this last time. Please don’t ask me for specifics cause I won’t be able to tell you a head from a piston. All I know is that there were pieces of my motor every where under my cowling and actually put a whole in the bottom of it. Here are a couple pieces Josh pulled out as I was standing there.





I have opted to keep the SHO after the repairs again. I had kicked the idea around of putting a Mercury on the back, but it didn’t make financial sense.



To the best news of the day. Cliff was able to get me in a Triton Team Boat. My main ride will be a Triton 21xs with a merc pro xs on the back. I have fished and ridden out of several Tritons and look forward to using them. I ordered my boat today and went straight up buck wild on the upgrades. 2 Touch 12’s? check…..2 blue power poles? check…..I am hoping by me buying power poles that the bite will go deep. I am not holding my breath though. Check out a sneak peak.





Ok it’s 12:27am…….