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When is the BEST time to come to Falcon? and Sugar Lake….

No fishing this weekend for me. I am trying to avoid winning bad dad of the year honors. Every time Sierra starts to feel better I take her on the lake and I swear the wind just tears up her throat and sinuses. So I decided to hang at the house and watch movies. We also went to Laredo and watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When I asked Madison, “1-10 how was the movie?” Her reply was 100. It was right up a 7 year old’s ally.


Let’s address two questions that I am getting a lot lately. This time of year people start planning for their pilgrimage to Falcon Lake in the coming months. The number one question is “when should I come”. My answer is always the same… come to Falcon when you can because it’s good 12 months out of the year. With that said…..if you are a trophy hunter and I’m talking 13 plus pound bass your best months are December, January, and February….. Just ask Bruce Benedict.


He caught this 15 lber while fishing a Basschamps tournament in February. Now do those three months come with a gamble? yes, yes indeed. The weather, fronts and wind play a major role. The last two years down here has been nothing short of terrible in regards to our winter/early spring weather patterns. I have to believe at some point we will get back to some sense of normalcy. Last October and November were very, very good as well. I shot this video towards the end of October and the fish in the video were part of a 40.35 pound bag.

Again the best time to come is when ya can.


The next biggest question I am fielding of late centers around Sugar Lake. I know I said months ago that I was going to start fishing over there. I have really gone back and forth about it and have decided to stick with Falcon Lake and Falcon Lake only for the foreseeable future. Now listen….just because I am not going over doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Tommy Law is doing some insane work over there and if you want Sugar info I would give him a call. I will not even act like I know anything about Sugar. I will deflect all questions to Tommy, James and Jim Behnkin.


Time to put in another movie…..I think Tarzan is next.




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