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Falcon Report

When Falcon turns mean and my Basschamps prediction…….

By October 26, 2012No Comments

Well I didn’t head out today until 9 am.  Spent time this morning answering emails, texts and instant messages about trips, boats, bodies and pretty much everything in between.  Let me say it again, there are ZERO safety concerns right now.  If I had to guess that story was made up garbage.  Back to the fishing…..I caught two fish this morning.  Mind you I fished from 9 until 11:45, yes 11:45.  At 11:45 Mr. Wind turned North and all hell broke loose.  Luckily I knew it was coming and got off the water, but I did wait until the very last moment to do so.  lol.  Who says Bullets can’t handle rough water?  Of course I am certainly glad I didn’t spear one of the waves.  Most of my time was spent once again graphing and when my ADHD said enough, I fished.  I sure hope everyone got in safely from this terrible front.  I was amazed at the number of boats on the water.  Basschamps Championship is this weekend.  I will be a spectator and going around to see how some of my horses are doing.  No rods will be in hand.  GL to all and be safe out there.

My prediction:

1st place: 41.71 (6 fish)

Check line: 29.14 (6 fish)

Big bass of tourny: 11.43


Time to take a few Advil.