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What a difference a day makes

By January 15, 2014No Comments

We whacked the fish…..after 11 o’clock that is. I was the only one that had a boated fish before then and both were caught on the spro crankbait. Then things got a lil crazy for Jim Jr. He switched to a full size brush hog in watermelon red magic with a 1/2 sinker and……




It was fun to watch as Jr. straight up just couldn’t miss. Sr. and I just sat back and shook our head at what was going on. Most of the fish were bucks, but he did boat a 7.13 and 6.59. He also lost a dang big fish that spit out the hog at him. The 6.59 I didn’t grab the net for…..the 7.13 I reached for it after I decided I didn’t want to get a hook in me. The bass went nuts and one hell of fight. The bass that jumped off had the head of a Brunswick bowling ball and when she jumped the first time I leaped for the net…..ZERO hesitation. Our first gut wrenching “the one that got away” for 2014. Check out the brush hog below. I know your going to call BS, but it’s true. That very brush hog boated 7 fish… It also had probably another 3 on it which included the Brunswick Bass that got away.




The Jims have one more day…….