What a beautiful day on Falcon Lake Texas



…..and man did we whack on em early with some nice quality for a change. (2 – 4.5 lbs) Our first two spots were money and then our last 5 were anything but. Chris went buck wild crazy on em last year offshore with me. After our jungle efforts in the morning he wanted to try and re-live the offshore magic from last year. You all know me and you know that you don’t have to twist my arm to head out to 20 to 30 foot with a 10xd, C-rig and drop shot in tow. I can’t promise a lot for tomorrow, but I can promise you all this….we will not be doing that shit again.




Listen, you can catch fish offshore in a few areas, but my goodness it is NOT the best option at the moment and it ain’t close. I have the game plan drawn on the chalkboard for tomorrow and pretty pumped up to go execute it. See ya’ll manana!




IMG_6923.JPG IMG_6922.JPG


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