What a beautiful day here in Zapata

Well the half day electronics session with Al and Neil went very, very well. I gave Al a lot to think about and a lot to digest in not a lot of time. He is going to get his rig set up the way he wants it in the coming weeks. I will then take him out in it and really try and get his DI and SI dialed in for him. The fishing you ask? Well you know me…..not gonna lie or even attempt to sugar coat anything. (stop reading now mom) When we did stop to fish we found the bite tough and that is putting it as nicely as possible. Did we all kick the skunk out of the boat? Yep, none of us were skunked. (how’s that for a positive spin…..lol, love ya mom) Once again Al and Neil…..Thanks and we will see ya again here in a few weeks.





Hey Al don’t forget to send me the pic of the lake record you have……sorry folks I can’t tell ya the top secret lake, but he is a record holder there. Pretty cool and I hope to get the pic sometime tonight to share.


And the pic is in!!! Ck out this nearly 12 lb monster!


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