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Whack a ………..




nah, not whack a mole, but whack a bass. Good grief we caught the heck out of em today, but and here’s the BIG BUT. They had three straight up walruses break em off. Just brutal……I could not have felt worse about the whole thing, especially the one that was in the damn net. Hey…..don’t kill the net guy here. I tried to pull off a full on miracle. That big ole girl knit ole Keith a sweatshirt in the retama. The only chance I had was to get the fish in the net and break his line. I got the fish in the net…..broke the line, but she made one last go for gold and got out of the net.


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The other two big girlies weren’t as painstakingly close to being hung on a set of scales, but they still stung. Gary and Keith were a lot of fun to fish with today and each one of them throughout the day had moments where they caught a fish dang near every cast. Gary had a June Bug lizard that was just silly good first thing in the morning. I think he caught 5 before the sun was over the trees.


Thanks guys.


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