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Wes and Craig whackfest part deux

We spent yesterday as far South as you could go and today we went about as far North as you can go. These guys whacked em yesterday and did the same again today, but once again Falcon Lake just won’t through my clients and I a damn big fish bone. The water we fished today was so freaking beautiful and I wanna thank Lonnie and crew for helping me with the area. Between that group and James I really had the area dialed in. It looks a lot different than last March and…….

thats a fact jack


Wes and Craig were straight up great to fish with. I wish I could of put em on the motherload of Falcon Lake walruses, but that just isn’t happening right now. Will it happen tomorrow?, next week?, next month? Only Mo Nature knows. If the only thing you care about are 7 to 10 lb fish you need to pick a different lake than Falcon. The truth hurts. If you want to come down to FalconĀ and whack on fish with the chance of catching a 7 to 10 lb fish, come on down, I would love to have you. I’m booked tomorrow here on Falcon again and I will do everything humanly possible to put James and Jan on the fish with hopes of a big girlie mixed in.





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