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I’m writing this report from my phone tonight. This one computer thing sucks and the Mrs. has 3,194 reports and evaluations to write up. I tried telling her that my report was more important, but that’s a tough sell. Oh and each of those above mentioned documents are worth roughly $250 to $435 dollars apiece. My report tonight ain’t worth a plug damn nickel and that’s a fact. As bad as today was and I’m telling you it was bad. (7 out of our 8 hours we went biteless……including the first 4 hours of the day) My man Charlie had his opportunity at a fish of a lifetime. To make a long story short, she broke him off and then decided to go air born twice on the other side of the boat trying to shake the senko. We had a hell of a good hour or so stretch. Spinnerbaits and weightless baby bass senkos were the ticket during that hot period. I’m back at it tomorrow with two of my favorites…..Guy and Genifer.

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