Well, we are dang near……

……at the half way point of August.  The kids go back to school on the 26th, just a little under 2 weeks.  They are really pumped up and ready to go back and see all their friends.  That’s a wonderful feeling for a parent…..have I told you how much I love Zapata lately?

They had a pretty dang good summer with trips to Disney and Pennsylvania mixed in.  They also got to hang with me a lot this summer.  Daddy Daycare was up and running in a big way.  This summer has been slow in regards to trips, but it can be expected.  Fishing in 100 degree heat is certainly not for everyone, my dad included.  I also ran into some bad luck with some bookings as well.  I can’t tell you how many  times I got a call or email from somebody that wanted a trip only to have a job already on the books for those day(s)…..ugh.  My “off” days got me a few times as well, but I made it a point to make sure the family got their time this summer.  We all had a wonderful summer to say the least.  I also had my fair share of cancelations and a no show or two.  Those things happen too…..it’s a major bummer when they happen, but I know the people would rather be on Falcon than canceling.  It would be like me canceling a Vegas trip…….NOT something I would ever want to do, but








I have three straight days on the books…..starting with an afternoon trip tomorrow.  Gonna be hot, just the way I like it.  Hopefully the fishing will be even hotter.  I have a secret weapon in the boat for these fellas. (don’t tell Doc and Vaughn)








Just a friendly reminder for those that are wanting to gamble on the winter months/early spring months.  I say gamble just because of the weather is all.  This past December – February saw some really terrible weather with seemingly one front after the next that blew in.  With all that said there were still some NUCLEAR good days mixed in and I do mean NUCLEAR.  Mr. Danny is working on a January video that we taped over a few days that was nothing short of spectacular.  I know what your thinking…..wasn’t that video supposed to be done 6 months ago?  You know what they say….you can’t rush perfection.  lol.  My January already has 8 days booked.  Drop me a line and lets get you on the books.









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