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Well it happened……

By August 19, 2012No Comments

Mark the date.  Today on Sunday, August the 19th 2012 I saw the biggest freak of nature I have ever seen.  Spoiler *ALERT*, no we didn’t get the bass in.  I am not a big fan of writing about the big ones that get away.  I will make an exception here.  Let me take you back 15 minutes prior to seeing this freak of a fish.  Gary had just caught his new personal best, a beautiful 8-9 (pictured) and we had caught others in the 5 pound class.  Yes it was on.  Then Brad sets the hook and immediately yells giant.  Keep in mind Brad is no rookie and has an 11 pounder to his name.  I look up and immediately say I think your snagged.  WRONG.  The line starts going side ways and pulling rediculously hard.  Now I’m thinking a monster cat or gar.  Think back a week ago when 13 year old Colten had a monster of a fish on, but we never saw it and to be honest that fish was pulling too hard to be a bass, so I thought.  Turn the clock to today and I am thinking the same thing until we saw it.  It’s tough to describe a bass like that.  I have caught many DD’s including my 12-2 PB and a clients PB of 12-7.  I also released one of our sharelunkers earlier in the year.  People that know me and have fished with me know that I don’t BS when it comes to stuff like this.  Now I’m not going to get stupid and call it a 15 lb fish because we will never know.  What I will call it, is the biggest bass I’ve every seen and it isn’t close.  What a day.

Total Fish: 25
Best five: about 28 lbs
Kicker: Gary’s 8-9 (pictured)