As many of you have been reading, I have been on a pretty dang good run of late. Today? Not so much. I am going to tell you that your decision-making throughout the day has to spot on right now because your margin of error is very small. Today was the first day in a while where I was not spot on and with the North West wind blowing hard this morning I was kinda trapped. I use the North loosely because there was a lot more West in that wind than had been predicted….enough with the excuses. These men have me for two more days and we are gonna go give it heck each day and let the chips fall where they may. Our two biggest fish were 6-14 and 6-12. Yes those are in ounces and yes I can see you all laughing…..I will be able to use my 200 dollar scales tomorrow though. The wind looks to be under 10 mph.




Check out the sores on a couple of these fish. One of the fish still looked healthy, but the other was a 5 lb fish that weighed maybe 3 lbs.













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  • Jay, love the reports! I wanted to ask about the scars. I was down a few weeks ago and caught a couple that had just nasty sores on em. Too me they looked like a gar got a hold of them.. Is this the case possibly?

    • Thanks for stopping in Kyle. The wounds/scars can be from gar no doubt. These wounds I don’t believe were gar inflicted. The one I think was from spawning/rubbing on rocks, while the other was caused by a net.



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