Weather got real in a hurry today…..

My game plan was to stay close and play the conservative card today.  I sure am glad I did.  I nearly left for a run South too.  The wind was just not that bad this morning to start.  I probably would have rolled the dice, but we started whacking the fish like crazy at our first spot.  (mostly fish like yesterday 0.5 to 3 pounds)  We ran into some terrible luck again today with landing our big fish.  Today I had two and one that certainly had an opportunity at being 9 to 11 lbs.  I hooked this beast and it came up to the top instantly waaaaaaaaaay out there and I thought it was 6 to 7 lbs.  I got her to the boat 3 different times.  Six or seven lbs?  No way.  I tried to wear that fish out, but she ended up wearing me out.  I finally got impatient and after the 3rd time of keeping her out of the trolling motor she bent my trebles out and pulled free.  Good gravy.  The other Walrus I didn’t get her that close to the boat before she came unglued, but I can tell you it was like trying to move a damn bulldozer.  I was not the only one today though.  Doc had one on that I thought was going to burn his drag up and run him out of line.  He tried to stop her and yep…..pulled the hooks out.  1 and a half days and 5 very big bites and zero pics.  Man is that a bummer.  We only fished a few hours before we called it quits.  Live to fight another day in 25 plus mph North wind gusts.




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