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Falcon Report

We went out today for 1 bite……

By March 3, 2013No Comments

……and Paul got the 1 bite and his bid for a DD will have to wait as she jumped out of the water throwing his crig back at him. This fish did something that a lot of my clients are experiencing. She held on to the worm until she jumped and then spit the worm in mid-air. That fish had the head of house cat. Paul reeled the worm back only to see it bunched up on the hook. A few minutes later it happened again to Paul only this monster didn’t go air born, but again a bunched up worm. My thinking on this is that these fish are hitting the baits on the dinner table and running towards deep water (where we are) and we are not catching up to em. This is causing a less than positive hookset. I could be dead wrong, but that’s the only thing I can think of. I caught a spotted up 8-3 today and David said wow that fish didn’t fight until it got to the boat. She took her meal and headed deep. When I finally turned her is when she wasn’t happy. I was using my finesse crig and there really isn’t a hookset on that. That fish sparked one heck of a 20 minute feeding frenzy that included Paul’s DD which came unglued as stated above. We went deep all day and I spent it sitting in ankle high water for most of the morning.





I knew the wind was gonna get up in a hurry so we beat the sun up and headed for a main lake spot of mine and hunkered down. Today is a prime example of why I own a Terrova with a 60 inch shaft. These fellas spent 4 days with me. I was very happy that they got to see short glimpses of what the old Falcon fished like. 95% of the folks down here right now can’t say that. I don’t care whether you are KVD, MJD, ABA, or XYZ. The fishing is tough as nails folks. Be prepared to battle tooth and nail. Bring the same attitude these men came down with and as my man Tommy Petty says……



Paul, David, and Todd……thanks for the opportunity, see you all again in the not so distant future.