The first 6 hours and then the last 2 hours…….

The first 6 hours were as slow as anything you will see here on Falcon Lake…..I am talking 5 fish slow with a few three and half pounders mixed in.




The last two hours, however, were very fun and my man Eason has an official personal best now.




That bad girl went 5.31 and will give young Mr. Eason something to shoot for in the coming years.  They have to head home early and won’t be fishing tomorrow unfortunately.  Not to fear Falcon fans……rumor has it a return trip is in the not so distant future for these two fellas.


The key to their 2 hours of power at the end of the day was……..wait for it…..a shaky head.  Yep, they busted out the shaky head on em.  Now they didn’t go full on finesse with little 4 inch French fries and what not.  They stuck big 10 in worms on the back of the shaky heads and straight up wore em out.  Seemed to me the June Bug red flake Zoom Ole Monster was the best color.  We only caught 5 or 6 fish on the crank today….go figure.




Drive safe gents and see you both again real soon,



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