We had our chances today…..

……three of em to be exact. I had big ole girl break me off on a 6xd. Trying to keep her our of some bushes and she won. Ryan had two encounters one that ended in a break off in the timber and the other ended with a different fish being reeled in. Lol……very funny story. Ryan sets the hook on a really good fish and the fight was on for 5 seconds or so and then she just came unbuttoned. (crig) He put the rod down and we both squirted a few tears and when he started to real back the bait another fish was on……lol. Crazy stuff. We boated quite a few fish with my five and half being the biggest. Now I will come clean…..I cheated. I took the drop shot out and the main purpose was to get bit and try to fire up the school of fish and have Ryan come behind me with a big C-rig or 6xd and pick off a bigger fish. It worked and more than once. Just weren’t able to seal the deal. I am not going to complain about today though and will be able to sleep much easier tonight. Next step is to put a couple in the net, on scales and documented here on Highstakesbassin.com…….baby steps.





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