We got a LIMIT!!!!

….of citrus shad crankbaits.



Kelly with a double early on. He also caught two more later in the day. unfortunately no Spros or Lucky Craft, but still a dang good day with three 6xds and two BD7’s. Hahahaha. All kidding aside we caught a handful of fish with my 7.15 being the kicker. (pictured) I don’t normally take pics of my fish, but it was just the two of us and I haven’t caught a 7 pounder in what feels like 7 years. I didn’t even pick up a rod yesterday, but today I tried to help Kelly get em fired up. I am not going to put lipstick on a pig here…….



…..it was tough fishing to say the least. Kelly REALLY helped me out with my Ranger. He took it with him and dropped it off at the repair shop for me. I will have that bad boy back early next week…..can’t wait. Thanks Kelly!



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