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Falcon Report

We got a 10!!!!

By January 22, 2014No Comments

Year old that is 🙂


Happy 10th B-day to my big one. Good grief 10 freakin years old…..I am one proud papa.









I had planned to hit the water yesterday, but decided to stay around the house and organize the shed and relax. The North wind was more than I wanted to contend with. I did, however, hit the water today and if I would of realized how hard the SOUTH wind was blowing I would of stayed home as well. On my off days I can’t afford to take a beating. I got even with marker 10 today and said heck with that. I had plans on checking School Bus and OPEC, but it was not worth the back pain. I hit a few cuts up here on the North end and the back of Veleno. I found one pocket that had active (very) fish in it. The problem was they were all bucks and all the same dang size. I caught seven of em in a matter of minutes. The one pictured below followed the spinnerbait to the boat and stopped literally beside me after I pulled the blade out of the water. I dipped the spinnerbait back into the water and bang he hit…..the dang blades weren’t even in the water I don’t think…



With the concentration of males in this area I thought for sure I would be able to see some signs of beds or females cruising, but no dice. I will not be on the water until my next trip which isn’t until Monday. Our weather is going to get arctic again……ugh. Is it July yet?