That is about where the good news stops…, oh and I didn’t bury the Bullet in 40 foot of water either. I made the decision to fight the wind head on all day and didn’t seek protection. My trolling motor lasted until 1:15. I am severely handicap when I am in that boat if the wind blows like it did today. They called for 5-10, but out of the N which is a x3 multiplier. These fellas drew the collar by themselves yesterday, yes zeroed. I was very up front with them last night when I talked to them. I told em that there was a VERY good chance it would happen again today. Did it? Thankfully, no. We have been hit by back to back to back fronts and heck Falcon was fishing poor before that…lol. I really don’t think we had a single bite on soft plastics. All fish came on a citrus shad 6xd and let me tell you…..if you put your boat in the water without one, put it back on the trailer and either A.) go home B.) go to Falcon Lake Tackle and pray they aren’t sold out. I enjoyed my time with Jess and Joe today regardless. If the wind lays at all, they have a few tremendous options that I showed them and if it doesn’t? ugh.





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