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We are getting close my friends……we are getting close.

I have two weeks left of rehab and it’s amazing how weak I was and really still am. I’m telling you from first hand experience that sitting in a recliner 24 hours a day for weeks on end while eating donuts from the bakery is no bueno. I had a good friend of mine that had not seen me since mid November do a “wow Jay”, while looking at my stomach tonight. We shared a good laugh and ate wonderful steak, but yes a few salads will be on the menu going forward. In early December I cancelled/rescheduled 9 jobs in January and 17 in February. I did that because not only was I having a hard time sleeping with the crazy amounts of pain. I was also having a hard time sleeping not knowing whether I would be able to give those clients a quality fishing experience. It hurt (pun intended) to cancel those jobs in February let there be no doubt about that. Fast forward to today. I am beginning to re-book February dates. With that said I will only be booking a handful and only on Falcon Lake. March will be my first full month back to guiding and will include returning to Sugar Lake. Thanks for your patience and prayers. I am sooooooooo ready to see, feel, smell and hear the water. I’ve missed her.


Love ya’ll and see ya soon.





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