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Falcon Report

We almost had a full on catastrophe when Joe walked out of the Hotel with………

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Yeah……it got scary. That potassium filled fruit nearly hit the boat. These fellas never heard of bananas and bad luck on boats. After the near disaster we headed for the ramp. The fog was brutally thick today and we were stuck at our first spot for a few hours until the fog lifted. I could not wait to get out of there. Six boats moved in on me from all angles…..I am not a fan of fishing within spitting distance from somebody. This lake at full pool covers a surface area of 80,000 acres. At the current water level, which is roughly 36 ft low, we still have a surface area of close to 30,000 acres. There is no excuse to be within a cast of anyone, none. There are 1,000 and 1 points, humps, ledges in the water right now……pick one that doesn’t have a boat on it. It’s called being courteous to your fellow fisherman.


Sorry for the rant.


Back to the fishing….we didn’t get skunked, yes that’s where once again the good news ends. I did a poor job with preparation today and it really affected our ability to catch fish. I always carry spinning gear and a push button in my boat in case somebody is more comfortable with those set-ups. I took them out of the Ranger and never put em in my Bullet. A spinning reel would have really helped today and I feel awful about not having them in the boat. Live and learn. Thanks for the opportunity Bob and Joe. Send me a pic of some of those Minnesota walleye when you get the chance!



Basschamps prediction: Winning bag (3 fish) 26 lb 14 oz.

I know what you are thinking….I haven’t caught a 3 bag limit that high in a month. Your right, but there are going to be 400 lines in the water tomorrow. Somebody is going to hit the mother load. You put 200 elite level anglers with elite level knowledge of the Lake and that lake is Falcon? You are going to have a bag or two that is awsome. These guys that fish the Champs series are as good as anybody in the country. Good luck men (and women).




Check out the cool color on Bob’s fish.