We accomplished a lot today……

We had a lot more activity this morning than we have had the past couple days. It only translated into one boated fish and that one was only hooked by a 32nd of an inch of cartridge. I have no idea how it stayed on….lol. The general theme was hit and run, but no hook up. We made a move to an area that I had some pitching fish located. Jim had never used a baitcaster before and Tim had very limited experience with one. They both wanted to learn and also learn to pitch and flip. I have NEVER had two fellas pick up the art of  baitcasting so quickly. Did they backlash? Sure and more than once…..lol, but it was great to see the ohhhhh yeah moments when they made those perfect pitches into the hardwoods. Unfortunately they never did get rewarded. We got kicked off the water by Mr. North wind around 12:30. We might head back out once everyone gets dry and warm. I will update later and with a pic of Jim’s HOG!




Well Jim, Tim and Christian opted to stay warm and dry this afternoon. I can’t say that I blame them. They have one more day with me tomorrow and we will be bundled up and hoping for the best!


It’s Superbowl time. James texted me and he wants the Broncos -2.5.





James is 3rd from the left in the front row.












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