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Water levels and Music Video Monday #15

By April 14, 2014No Comments

Not a lot to write about today’s off day other than we had front number 1,219 blow in around noon and do mean BLOW in. I did a little banking and sent off 6 reels to Shimano to have serviced. Wild day in Zapata for sure… Mexico is yanking water and we are starting to drop…….this should help the bite some in the not so distant future. I just hope we don’t lose 20 foot of water……I’m serious. Here is a look at our recent high point on April 4th which was juuuuuust shy of 277(276.93).




Here is a look at today’s graph….notice the slight uptick in the line graph today. That is from the hard north wind pushing the water up against the dam. We have lost .69 of a foot in roughly 10 days. (8.28 inches)





My folks are coming down to visit us this week and will be staying for 7 to 10 days or so. NOTHING beats them coming down to see us. Hopefully Dad’s back can hold out and I can get him a good fish or two while he is down this trip. My girlies are vibrating with excitement and it wasn’t hard coming up with a song for this week.



A lot of happy, happy, happy at the Greishaw residence here in Zapata.