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Falcon Report

Warren and son Axl Day 1…….

By March 14, 2013March 15th, 2013No Comments

…..the fish straight up didn’t bite for us. We had 3 bites and boated one fish (pictured) and I was happy to get that fish to be honest. The wind got up on us pretty dang good and by 10 am I was heading back north to take cover. I don’t like to mess around with the wind when I have a youngster in the boat……..what am I talking about, I don’t like messing with it period. lol. Even though we didn’t get on the fish, I taught ole Axl how to cast a spinning outfit and let me tell you this cat is one sharp cookie. By the end of the day he was challenging me to cast offs. He found out I don’t give in to anybody regardless of age, just ask my kids. lol. Tomorrow I am going to work with Warren on the baitcaster thing. My goal is to have him chucking 10xds by Saturday. We will start small with spinnerbaits and 6xds tomorrow. After the shallow water gig, I am going waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of the box tomorrow. I plan on launching at the park and we are going to long line, stroll, and troll crankbaits in front of the dam. I will try to stay out of everyone’s way.


Hey Axl this is for you:



Ole Axl busted a serious move on the front deck of the z522 today……..I am still in negotiations with his agent about posting rights to the video. I will let you know how that plays out.